EPT wishes you a Happy Holiday!

EPT will be CLOSED on December 24 and 25th due to the Christmas Holiday.
In addition, we will be closed on December 31 2021 and Jan 1 2022 for the New Year Holiday.
We wish you a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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What is EPT?

EPT is a software and travel planning company based out of Erwin, NC. With three people currently employed, the company makes use of their timer program, called EPT Timer, which is currently in development.
EPT has been in numerous gatherings over the past few years, beginning with the first NY trip, called The Great New York Trip. This has evolved into a five parted series that began in 2018, and will end with our own move called EPT's Move to NY. We have planned this for numerous years, all the way back to 1999! EPT will be moving their offices to Syracuse NY later this year.
EPT has also provided free Christmas music under a fireplace, called Yule Log, which provides the "Sounds of the Season" since 2018. This has caused the house to begin the transition to the holidays.
EPT has also been providing free snacks and drinks to EPT members under our brand name, Add On Bar. Provided during every holiday, this snack bar concept began in 2010, and even WAY before that, in 1998.
EPT's roots began as the Monaghan's Superbowl in 1999 with the first Super Bowl in the house. The Monaghan's Superbowl was renamed Addon Station, and then Addon Bar in 2013. This merged the companies Substation, the old Monaghan's Superbowl, and Addon Bar into a new brand called Add On Bar. This was renamed in 2014 to Bryce's Shack and was renamed sequentially in the following orders:

Today, we make everybody's lives easier with numerous tools and applications to help simplify their day.