We are now on hold!

Because of NSCSD's sketchy terms, we have decided to deny the position.
But! We have ESM for an interview, scheduled for 211117 at 1240p.
Check back for updates.

About The Move

EPT's Move To NY is a planned trip that is in the first phase (second part). This move will be a one way event, and is irrevocable. This move has been planned for a very long time, dating way back to early 1999!

Currently, we are on Phase 1 of 3 of The Move. The first part was completed after Patrick was awarded his certificate on March 31, 2021.

Currently, we are still looking for jobs, and applied for many.

This event is back on hold due to a job being denied for strict guidelines.

The requirements for the next two phases can be viewed on the Events tab.

Due to the everlasting changes of our world, events may be altered or changed at any given time with or without prior notice. Please continue to check back on this website, and bookmark this too, as it is regularly updated every Saturday.