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No jobs are currently being offered, so EPT Move is on hold until the summer.
We will be providing updates throughout the winter so you will be caught up.
Check back for more info throughout the month.

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The Move - Event Timeline Roadmap

In progress is underlined, whilst Completed is struck out. All events have been reinstated and are updated

September 2020 - Check into how to apply for reciprocating NC license to NY

Jan 1 2021 - The NC NY Move begins operations

April 2021 - Patrick looks for job, and applies for it. Multiple jobs have been turned down due to sketchy terms.

May 2022 (or until Patrick finds a job) - Start to pack and apply for PQ via NFCU (withdrawing all funds from checking and savings from SECU will happen around this date)

May 2022 - Look for houses (currently scheduled for May 2022), and make offer, with expected closing date by beginning of September.

June 2022 - Order 1 cat crate and small litter pan for Oscar. NCCA notice given for Patrick (30 days must be given)

Mid-to-Late June 2022 - All auto deductions must be changed to regular, rental notice given, and arrange for utilities to be turned back to owners name for old house.

Late June 2022 - Security Check will be given, all utilities are to be given back to landlords at old house, moving SSI account to NY, and doing final walk through (at new house at undetermined date).

Mid July - The Move begins, with overnight layover in Martinsburg, WV (possibly with movers)

Late July 2022 - Patrick signs up for benefits.

August 2022 - Register Patrick’s and Kathy’s vehicles. Transfer physician, rheumatologist, dentist, optometrist, and prescription medications to their respective providers in New York.

January 1 2023-January 31, 2028 - 5 Year Extension Plan enforced, warranties and all housing info to be enforced, upgrades to be completed as warrants.

Status for the Move: The event has now been delayed until the summer of 2022, because of problems with obtaining a position for Patrick. Over the winter, we will reassess conditions as warrants.

Schedule is subject to change at any given time. We are NOT responsible for typos, late alarms, overdue fines, or even missing opportunities for houses and jobs.