FC3P #2

March 31, 1980 - January 10, 1982

The Book:

Starts from March 31, 1980 and runs until January 10, 1982.


Garfield Weighs In: A Garfield Morning

Garfield Takes The Cake: Eating Tips

Garfield Eats His Heart Out: Dieting Tips


The book was first published on August 9, 1994 in Black and White.
The color version is depicted with Garfield in a cookie jar.
This book was then succeeded by #3 on January 30, 1995.
It was released in color on August 30 2005.
It is also the first book to only have one Extra per book.


black and white copy of garfield #2

Black and white version of the book

black and white copy of garfield #2 in Finnish

Black and White version of Book, in Finnish

color copy of garfield #2

Color version of the book (shown with price tag)