FC3P #7

February 26, 1989 - December 4, 1990

The Book:

Starts from February 26, 1989 and runs until December 4, 1990.


Garfield Hangs Out: Natural History of Dogs and Ask a Cat.

Garfield Takes Up Space: No Extras in this book.

Garfield Says a Mouthful: Top Ten Signs That Your Cat is a Garfield and Garfield's Top Ten Nightmares


The book was first published on April 7, 1997 in Black and White.
The color version is depicted with Garfield holding an ice cream cone.
This book was then succeeded by #8 on January 20, 1998.
It was released in color on April 24 2012.
This book has the infamous Halloween strip (see here if interested)


black and white copy of garfield #7

Black and white version of the book

color copy of garfield #7

Color version of the book (shown with price tag)