FC3P #8

problem with publisher, not currently published

December 5, 1990 - September 5, 1992

The Book:

Starts from December 5, 1990 and runs until September 5, 1992.


Garfield by the Pound: Garfield Predicts and Know your Cat moods

Garfield Keeps his Chins Up: You know You're getting Fat when, and Toon Tattler

Garfield takes his Licks: Top Ten Reasons to Own a Cat instead of a Dog, and Top Ten Comic Strips Jim Davis Tried Before Garfield
(hint: Garfield's predecessor is in this!) Additionally: an advertisement for Garfield.com and Garfield Show.


This book was published on January 20, 1998 in black and white.
The color version was published with a purple background with Garfield showing the reader a pizza slice.
The spine is colored in a teal green.
The bottom right corner of the book (according to eBay) showed the legacy three books in one banner.
Many variants of the book is shown with the price tag on the bottom right corner.
Due to technical problems beyond PRH's control, it was out of print in ~2019. Many publishers, including Amazon, show this as Out Of Print. (see here if interested)
This book is very expensive, with many bookstores showing this at even $100!


black and white copy of garfield #8

Black and white version of the book

black and white copy of garfield #8 in Polish

Color version of Book, in Polish

color copy of garfield #8

Color version of the book (shown with price tag)