EPT wishes you a Happy Holiday!

EPT will be CLOSED on December 24 and 25th due to the Christmas Holiday.
In addition, we will be closed on December 31 2021 and Jan 1 2022 for the New Year Holiday.
We wish you a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!


from the EPT team.

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December 2021 Updates

Christmas makes a comeback, somewhat.

EPT has updated the site slightly for the holidays, making it easier to navigate than ever before.
After a 2 week hiatus with Yule Log, the fire strikes back with new music and new fireplace!
This will run through Saturday 12/25/21.
Also, EPT Move has changed plans SIGNIFICANTLY with a new way of searching, and a new way of purchasing.
Now we are expected to move by July 2022!
As the holidays inch closer than ever before, please remember that the holidays are NOT just for gifting, but for believing!

See you next month!