URGENT ALERT: The Move has been put back on hold due to Watertown being denied for inflexible guidelines.

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The Move - Event Timeline Roadmap

In progress is underlined, whilst Completed is struck out. All events have been reinstated and are updated

September 2020 - Check into how to apply for reciprocating NC license to NY

Jan 1 2021 - The NC NY Move begins operations

April through July 2021 - Patrick looks for job, and applies for it.

NOW until August 2021 - Start to pack and apply for PQ via NFCU (withdrawing all funds from checking and savings from SECU will happen around this date)

August 2021 - Look for houses (currently scheduled for July 21-26), and make offer, with expected closing date by beginning of September.

August 2021 - Order 2 cat crates and small litter pans for Oscar and Skittles*. NCCA notice given for Patrick

August 2021 - All auto deductions must be changed to regular, rental notice given, and arrange for utilities to be turned back to owners name for old house.

Mid August 2021 - Security Check will be given, all utilities are to be given back to landlords at old house, moving SSI account to NY, and doing final walk through.

Late August 2021 - First part of EPT Move To NY Begins, with essentials moved later on, possibly in Early September 2021.

Mid September 2021 - Patrick signs up for benefits.

Mid September 2021 - Register Patrick’s and Kathy’s vehicles. Transfer physician, rheumatologist, dentist, optometrist, and prescription medications to their respective providers in New York.

October 1 2021-October 31, 2026 - 5 Year Extension Plan enforced, warranties and all housing info to be placed in server.

Status for the Move: All events are now updated to reflect Patrick getting the Watertown job.